The most important thing about photography is light. With the right light, you can make something special out of anything. 
Light composes the mood of a picture, it makes it vibrate. 
When I think about light or compose a picture, I imagine the grain trickling to the ground, like dust in the sunlight and where it sticks when I release the shutter. 
That's how romantic it is for me. Highly emotional.
Most of the time, when I think of new scenes, the impulse usually comes from a song. Music and photography are inseparable for me. 
All this is connected.
Music influences my way of photographing and photography influences the music I listen to. 
Sometimes a picture starts with a song or a vague scene in my head, but mostly it is this mood inside of me, which I have to express. 
Then I go shooting, looking for the perfect place and the right song on my headphones, until I managed to express that mood. 
It has a lot to do with self-reflection, healing and the search for balance.
In the end it means freedom.

Most of my work is shot on film. I am always looking for new projects and I‘m open minded for new work. I love to be a part of a creative team.

Based in Konstanz, Germany 
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