Michél Kekulé was born in Fulda in 1991 and lives in Berlin. 
Kekulé's focus lies on artistic documentary photography and the exploration of socio-political issues. His works are characterized by an intense engagement with societal questions and provide insights into various life worlds. 
In addition to participating in artist residencies and winning photographic awards, he has been able to showcase his works in group and solo exhibitions and publish them in the international press. Since 2021, he has been studying, among others, under Lia Darjes and Tobias Kruse at the Ostkreuzschule für Fotografie. He is in the graduating class from Ina Schoenenburg.
Michél Kekulé founded, together with Kasia Wojcik (theatre artist), the Re:Borders Collective. Funded by the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation Germany & VG Bild-Kunst. The curatorial collective is pushing the boundaries between visual art, political activism and transmedia happenings in its eponymous debut exhibition
"RE:BORDERS - An indictment" at Berlin's Kunstquartier Bethanien in 2024.
In November 2023, together with Björn Kuhligk, Kekulé initiated "Schriftsteller:innen und Fotograf:innen gegen Antisemitismus" at the Volksbühne Berlin.

Clients, Collaborations & Publications
Sea-Watch e.V, Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation, Volksbühne Berlin, TAZ,  Der Freitag, Schirn Mag, Kubaparis, Nun Mag, Staatsschauspiel Dresden, Schillertage Mannheim, Kunsthalle Gießen, Daily Mirror, L'Essenziale, Berliner Zeitung uvm.

Grants & Awards
Artist Fellowship Nomos Glashuette 2023
Shortlisted Nikon Fotobus Grant 2023 for ‘Mutterland’
The Ian Parry Photojournalism Grant Longlist for ‘50_15’
Project funding "Re:Borders",  Rosa-Luxemburg-Foundation Germany 2023/2024
Stiftung Kulturwerk - VG Bildkunst Grant for “Re:Borders”, 2024
BFF Förderpreis  2nd place for "Mutterland", 2024

Solo Exhibitions:
2022, "Tage der Perseiden", Glashütte, GER
2023, „50_15“,Monat der Fotografie Off, Atelier für Photographie Berlin, GER

Group Exhibitions:
2023, Mutterland - "Salon zur Katz – 1. Prozess“, Turm Zur Katz Konstanz, GER
2023, "East from Where", Studio Hannibal Berlin, GER
2023, "Schriftsteller:innen und Fotograf:innen gegen Antisemitismus", Volksbühne Berlin, GER
2024, "RE:BORDERS - An indictment’’, Kunstquartier Bethanien Berlin, GER
2024, Mutterland -  "Signals", Kunsthalle Neuwerk, Konstanz, GER
2024, Mutterland -  "BFF-Förderpreis", Fotofestival "Horzionte Zingst", Zingst, GER

Press & Events
michelkekule@gmail.com / +491707365844

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